Long history

This magical city of long and illustrious history is one of the true meeting points of cultures. Samarkand has seen centuries come and go. The evidence of the earliest settlement in this spot points all the way back to 1500 BC, however Samarkand’s most prominent era happens during the 14th and 15th century AD. This is when the city becomes the capital of Timur Realm and a thriving merchant centre along the Silk Road. It is also the birthplace of Timurid Renaissance.

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Centrally located

When staying at Zarafshon Parkside Hotel you are staying close to all the amenities of Samarkand. Hotel looks over the Central Park. This majestic oasis within the city is a perfect place to relax.

It is also within walking distance to virtually all places of interest, regardless of your reason for visiting this magical city. Whether you are a business traveller, leisure travellers looking to unwind, or a family on a pilgrimage, you will love the location of Zarafshon Parkside.


Pride of Uzbekistan

Today, Samarkand is more than just a historical centre of Islamic culture and scholarly. It is also a vibrant city of over 600 000 inhabitants and the second largest city in Uzbekistan. Frequent destination for business travellers and an important administrative centre, Samarkand continues to be a destination for people from all corners of the planet. Those who somehow stay immune to its beauty and history will not be able to ignore the kindness and warmth of its people.

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