Food and alcohol-free Beverages

at Zarafshon Parkside Hotel

Whether grabbing a quick bite on the go, meeting business partners over lunch or enjoying a feast of local delicacies; food is an integral part of travel, much like it is an integral part of our lives. In Zarafshon Parkside Hotel, you will never be far away from a refreshing alcohol-free beverage or a nourishing meal.

Our guests can choose between the hotel lounge bar and national restaurant offering mouth-watering Uzbek dishes.

The Lounge Bar

(alcohol-free, virgin cocktails)

Zarafshon Parkside Bar allows guests the opportunity to relax and unwind with a wide variety of hot and cold beverages to suit the soul. Our expert bartenders are always on hand to recommend a few local favourites. Highlight of the offer might be beautifully put together virgin cocktails.

Alternatively, stick to what you know and enjoy carefully curated drinks list with many international bestsellers.

In the near future, this beautiful lounge bar will see the addition of a billiard room and darts area.

Zarafshon Restaurant

Zarafshon Restaurant is your first contact with the local cuisine of Samarkand. Traditional in design, this charming restaurant will introduce you to the creative and vibrant Uzbek cuisine. The menu sees traditional items and selection of international dishes combining beautifully.

Dietary restrictions worry you? Fear not. Our restaurant offers plenty of vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian options.

Under the careful direction of our head chef the food enjoyed here is not just well prepared and imaginative – it holds within the true essence of Uzbek hospitality.

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Zarafshon Parkside Hotel

Top quality boutique hotel experience, great service and an amazing restaurant in the jewel of Uzbekistan.


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